Friday, 30 November 2012



Hi guys! 

I am a big movie freak just like you and i too hate it when i am in a great mood to watch an awesome movie and don't know which one to watch even though we have a huge number of movies in our laptops and PCs. And also when after watching one you feel like it was a piece of $#!T. So here's a place for you to search about some pretty cool movies. Here you will find no crap but only an awesome collection of best movies that i have watched of almost all genres and would love to share about them with you! 
              Most of the movies that you will find here will be Hollywood but i will also suggest a huge number of world movies that you might love. My favorite genres are horror and animation so you are definitely gonna find the most and best of them. I will also keep you posted about the upcoming great movie and their trailers. Do share your views through comments! :) So get started!!

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  1. very nice review bro....d last para is written very "rightly"...will wait fr ur next posts..

    nd ya as per me i loved d movie..a beautiful suspense drama...treat for bollywood as we got 2 in this year, 1st "kahani" $ now "talash"...Aamir's continuing d great work..