Friday, 30 November 2012

TALAASH (2012) - Review

Writing a review for Talaash is not an easy task without giving away much of the plot, but i have tried my best not to reveal anything in this review that might ruin your viewing. Directed by Reema Kagti stars Aamir Khan in the role of a stubborn yet modest Mumbai cop Surjan "Suri" Singh, Rani  Mukerji in a role of his perturbed wife and Kareena Kapoor in a role of a voluptuous prostitute, and finally Nawazuddin Siddiqui, Shernaz Patel, Raj Kumar Yadav and Vivan Bhatena in supporting roles.

Movie starts off as a mystery thriller where cops begin to solve a possibly A-final case (cold case). The team is led by an ambitious cop Surjan Singh who lost his son few years back due to drowning. Most of the team members are sure of the possible outcome of this case: nil. But Surjan is determined to find the culprit despite his poignant history and a mentally shaken wife Roshni (Rani) whom he loves the most yet is unable to express due to the unspeakable incident of their past. On the way he meets one of the most interesting characters played and awesomlly acted by the amazing supporting cast of this movie. One of them is a sensual prostitute Rosie (Kareena) who brings a hope to this case for Suri.

This is one of those movies about which the least we know, the better. The movie kicks off on a perfect note and maintains its pace and atmosphere. The movies' camerawork slightly reminds us of this years one of the best "Kahaani" and oscar winning "Slumdog Millionire". The movie at a point reaches such a peak that what is going to be the end does not matters, even if its real or surreal. We are so emotionally tied to the grief of the characters that what will be the end no longer remains a matter of concern.

The end might not satisfy everyone but as the saying goes, the journey is sometimes more interesting than the destination. This movie is just that. Go ahead and experience this cinematic marvel!


  1. very nice review bro....d last para is written very "rightly"...will wait fr ur next posts..

    nd ya as per me i loved d movie..a beautiful suspense drama...treat for bollywood as we got 2 in this year, 1st "kahani" $ now "talash"...Aamir's continuing d great work..

    1. thanks man! and sure thing i will be writing more soon, and cant wait for Amir's next!