Thursday, 20 December 2012


Paranorman is the second stop motion 3D horror movie from Laika stop motion animation studio (first being Coraline). Coraline (2009) was a fantastic movie and consecutively Laika studio has produced another animated marvel. Paranorman makes use of pretty much the same basic animation technique of Coraline but the story is completely different with a boy named Norman as protagonist.

Norman is a young boy with the ability to see and talk with the dead ghosts and spirits. He is often misunderstood and ignored by his family, especially his father and is bullied at school, mostly by Alvin, a big school bully. While practicing for a school play based on their town's 300 old past about a witch's execution, Norman has a horrifying vision and soon he comes to know from his Uncle, who like Norman can also talk with the dead, that the town is going to be haunted by the witch's curse once again and the dead will rise from their graves. So Norman ventures out on an adventure to stop this along with his sister Courtney, friend Neil and his brother Mitch and the school bully Alvin.

                                                              The adventure troop.

The movie's solid script and humor had me surprised and laughing all the way. I loved each and every character, especially Alvin the bully. I will surely watch it again all over again!

My verdict:
This movie is remarkably voiced and beautifully animated. This years one of the best animated movie.

Who should watch?
This movie is for everyone who likes animation and humor and will entertain people of all ages. Sit back and enjoy the ride!

Movie info.:
Genre - Animation, Comedy, Horror, Adventure
Director - Chris Butler, Sam Fell
Stars - Kodi Smit-McPhee, Tucker Albrizzi, Anna Kendrick, Casey Affleck (voices)
Country - USA
Language - English
Runtime - 92 minutes


  1. I have waited it for a long time, but somehow I wanted something more. It had funny characters and a good story, yet the two main competitors Hotel Transylvania and Frankenweenie were somehow more appealing to me. But I still recommend Paranorman to anybody who wants to see a nice and funny movie.

    1. Just saw Frankenweenie and you are right, its actually better in many ways. Hotel Transylvania was released for a very limited time here in my city and i missed it, hope to see it soon.