Saturday, 15 December 2012

TED (2012)

Haven't we all longed for a cuddly talking toy when we were little? But what if that toy grew with us and we saw all the same changes taking in him as we saw in us as we matured? Say like drinking, smoking and getting laid. Did i just say getting laid? Well its a cute and cuddly toy, isn't it? How hard can it be for him to get women, eh? Well Ted is one of those fantasy movie which truly and hilariously makes our all these fantasies come alive on screen.

Directed and written by Seth MacFarlane (creator of awesome series Family Guy) Ted stars well known actors Mark Wahlberg, Mila Kunis and voice by the director Seth himself. Movie is about how a small and lonely boy gets a talking teddy bear for Christmas (you gotta see it for yourself how) who soon becomes the hot topic of the world. Both of them grow as best buddies or as they like to call themselves "the thunder buddies". Ted (the teddy bear voices by Seth) and John (Mark) grow up to be lazy asses who spend a lot of time smoking weed and drinking and watching a crappy old sci-fi tv series. Things change when John's finds a girlfriend Lori (Mila) but not much. Lori finds it hard to find a place between them as an individual and couldn't accept John being 35 and still spending time with a teddy bear who most of the time likes to get boozed up and get high and get laid. Both of their lives change when Lori puts forward an offer to John which he never thought he would ever have to deal with.

                                                                John, Ted and Lori

                                                       Ted and his daily routine.

My verdict:
This is a hilarious American comedy with some really original slap-stick jokes and i cracked up laughing pretty hard! The concept itself is so full of curiosity and Ted lives up to its expectations. Ted is really well animated and amusing little character and as a whole i found movie very funny.

Who should watch?:
Though the movie is hilarious but most of its jokes are american so if you are not very well aware of them you might not find it as funny as it is but anyways you will still have a great time watching it. Though warned the movie is R rated comedy which means it has crude sexual humor and nudity.

Movie info.:
Genre - Comedy, Fantasy
Director - Seth MacFarlene
Stars - Mark Wahlberg, Mila Kunis
Country - USA
Language - English
Runtime - 106 minutes

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