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As the name suggests, this movie IS odd. I remember reading a review saying this movie is so sweet it will give you a tooth ache. Well this movie is definitely way too sentimental but it does not mean its miserable. When a child is a little different, either in perspective or appearance, the parents' fear of having their child isolated from the society forces them to push him into blending with the society. But that's not the case with Timothy Green's parents. They are more than proud of Timothy and instead of having him as perfect, they want his childhood to be perfect.

The movie is directed by Peter Hedges (Writer of What's Eating Gilbert Grape). It begins with a married couple, Cindy (Jennifer Garner) and Jim Green (Joel Edgerton), telling their story of how they found Timothy Green (CJ Adams), when they were going through a depression after knowing that they will never be able to become parents. Timothy is a normal young boy with a little difference, he has leaves growing from his ankles. Not only this, he is also very bright and spirited as compared to children of his age. Cindy and Jim take him into their house and start raising him as their own. They hide his leaves with socks but what they can't hide is his cheerful and lively nature which either impresses some or gets him in trouble.

                                                                  The Green family

There is so much wrong with this movie, but it all feels right because the main theme is about parents loving their children no matter what. And it does not matter that this movie deals it with magic and miracles, in fact it was nice to see a movie about parenting from a different outlook.

My verdict:
I liked this sentimental piece of drama and despite being too sweet, the good acting from the leads and the warm touch of the story makes it worth watching.

Who should watch?
If you want to watch an emotional tear jerker with a few good laughs, this is for you. But if you get bored by sentimental movies where things happen easily and happily, better skip it.

Movie info.:
Genre - Drama, Comedy
Director - Peter Hedges
Stars - Jennifer Garner, Joel Edgerton, CJ Adams.
Country -USA
Language - English
Runtime - 105 minutes

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