Friday, 21 December 2012


10 Timer Til Paradis ("10 hours to paradise") is a Danish drama film released by the name "Teddy Bear" in English speaking countries. It follows the story of a bodybuilder in his 30s who is in search of true love. But due to his timid nature he finds it hard to date girls. The movie is not only about search of love but also about growing up and finding a life.

Dennis (Kim Kold) is a 38 year old bodybuilder who lives with his mother. His modest and shy nature has made it hard for him to find a girlfriend and with his anxious mother who does not want to part from his son and always keeps reminding of him of his responsibilities towards her has made Dennis's life bound to his home and he is bereft of freedom of living his own life on his own terms. The time when he feels his freedom is when he works out along with a friend in the gym. When his uncle gets married to a Thai girl he met in Thailand, he recommends Dennis also to go to Thailand and search for a girl. When Dennis reaches Thailand he realizes his search for a girl is not easy but he soon finds someone he feels is right for him.

                                                                  Dennis and Toi

My verdict:
The movie is a heart touching story and role of Dennis played by Kim is wonderfully acted. It is very simple yet complex in terms of emotionality. This moving piece of drama shows that love knows no bounds and one can find love anywhere. I was really moved by this movie.

Who should watch?
If you like drama and art movies that like to explore many shades of emotions, watch this movie.

Movie info.:
Genre - Drama
Director - Mads Matthiesen
Stars - Kim Kold, Lamaiporn Hougaard
Country - Denmark
Language - Danish, Thai, English
Runtime - 92 minutes

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