Friday, 14 December 2012


There was a time on earth when there were cave-men and huge frightful beasts roamed the land and life of men was a life of risk and survival. Now thousands of years later those beasts might be gone but life is still a survival game. But a six year old knows about the concept of life and death pretty much the same as he knows about rocket science: nothing. But in Beasts of the Southern Wild i came to know the other side of it. The imagination and vision in a child runs way ahead than a grown up.

Beasts is a feature length directorial debut of Benh Zeitlin starring Quvenzhane Wallis and Dwight Henry in the lead roles. The movie is about a community who lives in an isolated area which is separated from the main city by a levee. They like to call this place Bathtub as it is pretty much surrounded by the sea and is constantly struck with windstorms. But nonetheless life for this community is no less than a party everyday. Here lives a 6 year old girl Hushpuppy with her obstinate father who lives by the rule "Brave people don't run away from their home". When a huge storm strikes the whole area is flooded killing many and ruining the livestock and food. People begin to migrate but not Hushpuppy and her daddy. They are not scared to face whatever comes next but they wont run away like cowards. They travel together in a boat altered from a truck, waiting till the water level goes down learning and teaching the ways of survival. They may not be educated or civilized but they possess the most important thing, love and dignity.

                                                        Hushpuppy and her daddy.

This movie is one of the finest movie I have seen this year and what makes it so special is the magnificent Quvenzhane Wallis who played the role of innocent Hushpuppy. I could not believe i was watching a 9 year old act like a pro. She was so believing in her role that for a moment i thought i was watching a documentary. She exudes so much confidence in each and every emotion, be it a heart shattering moment or a moment of laughter or tear, it was an utter joy to watch. Not only the acting in this movie is splendid but so is the beautiful landscapes captured on the camera. It gradually seeds the notion in our mind that this life is pretty and nasty at the same time but the brave is the one who sees it on the both extremes, one who doesn't run away but survives, because survive is what we must.

My verdict :
This is a brilliant movie with a heart and boasts of an unbelievably heart wrenching performance and script. I personally loved it!

Who should watch? :
This movie is for serious real life cinema lovers. But it doesn't mean if you are a horror or action fan you cant enjoy this. I would say go ahead and give it a shot and i am sure you will not be disappointed.

Movie info:
Genre - Drama
Director - Benh Zeitlin
Stars - Quvenzhane Wallis, Dwight Henry
Country - USA
Language - English
Runtime - 93 minutes

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