Thursday, 27 December 2012


This years another horror movie recycled from other movies. But luckily this one actually works. Its worth watching because of its believable performances, story and some good jump scares. The movie makes use of all the tricks and techniques to make you jump out of your seat and succeeds at most of them.

Ellison Oswalt (Ethan Hawke), a true-crime writer moves to a new house with his wife and two children in order to write a story on the murders that took place there so as to revive the success of his one hit wonder novel. Some of his last novels were not a success and led to a bad financial condition. In the attic Ellison finds a box with snuff movies made by a killer who had been killing since the 1960s. Ellison starts watching these tapes and one of them is of the murder that took place in his house. He slowly realizes that these are not just any ordinary murders, they are related to something far more terrifying.

                                                  Ellison viewing the tapes of horror

My verdict:
I had a good time watching this one. Its not great, but its scary, just like Insidious.

Who should watch?
Its a decent horror flick for horror fans, but don't expect it to be like Paranormal Activity.

Movie info.:
Genre - Horror, Thriller
Director - Scott Derrickson
Stars - Ethan Hawke, Juliet Rylance, James Ransome
Country - USA
Language - English
Runtime - 110 minutes


  1. Do you think Paranormal Activity is better than Sinister?

    1. Norbert i know many people didn't like Paranormal, but i found it pretty good because of its psychological horror and the fact it did not completely rely on making you jump. Some of my friends hate it but i couldn't help but like it. Though all its sequel i think were dull and stupid. And Sinister was pretty good but at some points i thought it was been there done that, but as a whole it was quite good and scary. Didn't you like Paranormal?

    2. I think paranormal activity is boring. i have seen the first one and there was nothing more than a few doors opening and closing. This year I decided to see the 4th and it was even worse. nothing happens during the first 80 minutes and all the action takes place in the last 5. I watched it with some friends and neither of us managed to see a story in that movie, and there seemed to be no reason for what was happening. Sinister has all that and much more, but it is just a matter of taste.

    3. yeah 4th one was actually the worst, and now they are making a 5th one, i'm not even going to watch it :)