Monday, 17 December 2012

BRAVE (2012)

Previous Pixar Animation Studio's animated feature Cars 2 was a disappointment for the crazy fans of animation like me and wondered if had Pixar lost its touch. And then came much anticipated Brave which wiped out all the doubts and made me realize Pixar can still do its thing.

The movie is set in a time in Scotland when kings and magic were in fashion. The king Fergus gifts her young daughter Princess Merida with a bow on her birthday. Afterwards the clan is terrorized by an out of control ferocious bear whom Fergus defeats but looses his one leg. Soon archery becomes Merida's passion and gives her sense of freedom as she grows up. But when her mother decides for her to get married Merida's hopes are shattered and she rudely rejects the offer. But nonetheless the three clans from all over Scotland come in order to win Merida's hand for their young princes. Furious Merida leaves the castle and goes to the nearby forest where she meets a wood carver who turns out to be a witch. Merida asks her for a potion that could change her mother's opinions and so begins a story of adventure, bravery, compassion and morals.

                                                       The Royal Dunbroch family.

The movie's animation is top notch, something that Pixar is master at and the story is also brilliant in many ways. The story has the right amount of humor and heart which makes this movie a definite watch.

My verdict:
The movie is not groundbreaking like previous Pixar movies but it still lives up to Pixar standards and is magnificent in its own. The good thing about the movie is it does not forces its morals on us but lets itself slowly prove the meaning and significance of moral values.

Who should watch?
A must watch for animation fans! But this is a kind of movie that is for everyone who likes a feel good movie with magic and adventure.

Movie info.:
Genre -Animation, Adventure
Director - Mark Andrews, Brenda Chapman
Stars -Kelly Macdonald, Billy Connolly, Emma Thompson (voice)
Country - USA
Language - English
Runtime - 93 minutes

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